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Setup Instructions for CS55/HL10 Headset for 8410 Phones

  1. Unplug the 8410 handset from the phone and plug it into the phone port on the bottom of the headset dock.

    Then plug the short cord from the headset dock into handset port on the 8410 phone.
  2. Plug the lifter into the red port on the bottom of the headset dock.

  3. Position the lifter on the 8410 phone under the handset such that the handset will rise off the deck but not fall off the lifter. Check that when the lifter deactivates the handset correctly repositions on the deck.

  4. Plug power into the headset dock to complete the setup.

To answer a call or get dial tone press the headset button once.

To disconnect press the headset button a second time.

To adjust the volume push the volume switch on the headset up to increase the volume and down to decrease it.

To mute the headset push the volume switch in, there will be 3 rapid beeps indicating the headset is muted.