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Button Programming - 9608 or 9630

These instructions only work on Speed-Dial programmed buttons. To program Busy buttons, use this form.

Speed Dial Instructions

Speed Dial Entries (when initially blank just display 'SD' - the default when programming an empty button)

  • Pick up handset to get a dial-tone.
  • Dial #80 to get a new dial-tone.
  • Tap the button you want to program - it should illuminate.
  • Dial the desired number. i.e. 9-541-342-8888 or 61000 (Use 9 for an external number).
  • When done typing the number, press #. You should hear an acknowledgement tone.
  • Hang up the handset. The speed-dial button should be labeled 'SD' + the number you entered.

Button Labeling Instructions

These instructions work for both Speed Dial and Busy buttons.

  • To relabel programmed buttons, start at the main menu.
  • Home button -> Options and Settings -> Application Settings -> Personalize Labels
  • Tap the speed-dial button you want to relabel.
  • There is no formal keyboard - press the 7 button four times to get an 'S', the 3 button two times to get an 'E', etc. (Press 0 button for space). When the desired letter appears, pause for a moment until the cursor moves forward and continue typing.
  • When you are done typing, tap 'Save'.
  • You can repeat this procedure for multiple buttons. The phone stays in 'label mode' until you exit.
  • To exit labeling mode, select 'Back' 3 times and press 'Exit' to go to the Home screen.

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