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UO Telecommunications Billing Rates

Faculty long distance and international rates can be found here.


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Service - Charge per Month Unless Otherwise Stated

Standard (UO) Rate

Non-UO rate
UO Analog Phone Services
Analog phone service (includes basic phone set, wall or desk)   $25.50 $36.50
Alarm lines (analog)   $25.50 $36.50
Courtesy phone line (includes phone set) - UO Campus internal calling only   $19.50 n/a
UO Digital and IP Phone Services
Avaya sets model #, cost. Current model set in bold. Legacy sets incl for reference.
    2420, 8410, 6416   $41.50 $51.50
    8434, 6424   $51.50 $51.50
    9608, 9630, 4621 IP phone $41.50 $47.50
    IP conference phone service cost/month   $41.50 $47.50
    1608 IP phone**   $32.50 $37.50
Optional button module ("sidecar") for 2420, 9608, 9630 phones, per module per month.   $10.00 $10.00
Physical bridge, analog line †††††     $6.00 $6.00
Additional phone system features or services (per month unless noted)
Call center agent login $8.50 $13.50
VDN (pilot) number $5.50 $10.00
PBX announcement, each $5.50 $10.00
Virtual (voicemail-only) number, each $5.50 $10.00
Bridge-to-cellular (aka EC500/Xmobile), (after $15 setup 1x fee) $4.00 $4.00
Autoattendant (press 1 to reach <this>, press 2 to reach <that>...) $5.50 $10.00
Toll-free (800, 888...)phone line, base cost/month. (usage/mo addl) $10.00 $10.00
Off-premesis surcharge (for White Stag and similar locations)    $10.00 $10.00
Century Link services (per month unless noted)
Off-premesis extension circuit (extends UO dialtone off campus) $69.00 $75.00
Century Link analog basic dialtone (long distance, call waiting etc. addl) $35.00 call
Century Link (one-time) moves/adds/change fee $80.00 call
Century Link ISDN circuit call for quote
UO Labor Services†††
    Flat rate services
    Adds/Moves/Changes requiring technician visit, per workorder  
        First Line   $80.00
Each addl line, same workorder at same location, up to 5
Obtain quote for work w. more than 5 lines &/or mult. locations
    White Stag bldg - Adds/Moves/Changes per workorder, up to 5   $30.00
    Adds/Moves/Changes, programming only (no Tech visit)
    per workorder (up to 5)
    Minor software changes, per order     $5.00
    Network jack (new) activation:

    $150.00 one time activation fee.
    Network jack moves:
(moves must be within the same building, else it's a new activation)
    $50.00 one time per move.
    Variable rate services
    Technician's Rate/HR (when flat-rate fees above do not apply)   $75.00
    Technician's Rate/HR (Overtime/Weekend) $112.50
    Telecom Programming Rate/HR (when flat-rate fees do not apply)   $40.00
    Advanced/unique programming needs and solutions, per hour: $125.00
Radio Services, long term rental rates:
Portable/Base or Vehicle Radio     (see note on radio fees, below)   $31.50  
For short term rental rates, please obtain quote     call  
Cellular voice and data services:**
MiFi 802.11 wireless-to-cellular-data bridge (Verizon)    $5.00/day
(2-day minimum rental)
Other Telecommunications Services
Rental of 24AWG ("Dry") Wire, per pair, per circuit leg      $13.00† $18.00
HDSL extension of DS1 circuit, per month per circuit:    $50.00
Reserve a UO extension number, price/mo     $5.00
Change 8400 to Digital 2420, per set (one-time upgrade fee)††       $50.00
Change IP 1608 to 9608, per set (one-time upgrade fee)††       $59.00
Phone Rental Services
Analog lines - 3 days or less, per line (one time fee) $100.00/line plus installation
Analog lines - several months   $35.00/line/mo plus installation
    Obtain quote for installation.    
Cable TV (CATV) Services
per CATV connection $30.00/mo
Not all locations or requests can be served. Installation costs, if any, additional. Email for assistance with CATV requests.
Purchase Prices of Equipment (pricing subject to change based on market)
(one-time purchase fee: does not include monthly phone svc. fees).
Avaya 8110 analog - incl. half-duplex speakerphone & speeddial     $60.00
Avaya 6221 analog- incl. half-duplex speakerphone & speeddial     $75.00
Polycom Soundstation II analog conference speakerphone (expandable)     $400.00
Satellite microphone kit (2 mics) for Soundstation II speakerphone    $190.00
Avaya B189 IP conference phone    $725.00
Satellite microphone kit (2 mics) for B189 IP speakerphone    $190.00
Handset, 14 foot     $2.50
Handset, 25 foot     $2.50
Line cord, 25 foot     $5.00
Cat 5e patch cord - 14'     $4.00
Cat 5e patch cord - 25'     $7.00
Cat 5e patch cord - 50'     $15.00
Cat 5e patch cord - 75' to 100'     $20.00

Headset:  (one time charge)  
Wireless headsets Works on phone type
CS540 w. electronic hookswitch cable 2420, 1608, 9630, 9608

CS520 w. electronic hookswitch cable

2420, 1608, 9630, 9608
Savi740 w. electronic hookswitch cable 2420, 1608, 9630, 9608
Savi720 w. electronic hookswitch cable 2420, 1608, 9630, 9608
CT14 cordless analog headset phone works on analog (2500) dialtone
Older Headsets

Contact us for queries about availability on CS55, CS361N, and AWH55+ wireless headsets. All are end of sale.

Wired all models
Over-the-ear style (H81) $123.00 - includes HIC/HIS adapter cables
Over-the-head style (HW510- was H251) $94.00 - includes HIC/HIS adapter cables
Over-the-head style H261 binaural (dual-ear)
$114.00 - includes HIC/HIS adapter cables
For 8410D/8434D sets: pricing above changes to $158.00 and $138.00 respectively. These sets require a (more expensive) M22 adapter instead of the HIC/HIS cable.



All student billing is handled by Bobbi Bothel at 541-346-1023, or email your question to


Standard Rate

Optional Student residential analog phone line, per month   $16.50
Optional Student Voicemail mailbox, per month   $3.00
Optional Student Call Waiting fee, per month   $1.50
Installation charge for phone line (one-time fee)   $25.00


(†) Complex runs may cost more, obtain quote from Network and Telecommunications Services.
(††) Plus workorder/service call fee
(†††) Unique or custom solutions are quoted at labor rates/hour above. Typical moves/adds/changes are flat-rate.
(††††) Not available in all locations, call for availability
(†††††) Rarely permitted: this service is legacy and will eventually be phased out
Radio fees: Radio monthly fees will be $31.50 effective July 1,2016

Abbreviated Dial List: price per each personal or group list.

Analog (Single) Phone: price includes analog dial tone with associated direct-in-dial extension number and one black single line tap set or wall set, one voicemail box, local, network and long distance calling capability (depending upon Class of Service requested by Department), assorted preprogrammed features including call-coverage path and hunting.

Voicemail Bulletin Boards, Automated Attendants, and Software Mailboxes: price per each additional item.

Digital Phone: price includes one digital telephone set, multiple appearances of one single direct-in-dial extension number (user's primary line), and one voicemail box.

Digital-Additional Lines: price to include multiple appearances of additional direct-in-dial extensions terminating on existing digital telephone sets.

Minor Software Changes: price per order covering changes to Call Coverage Paths, voicemail coverage, Call Pick Up Groups, Class of Service changes, and similar changes.

Service Order Charge: price for a standard service order, which covers 15 minutes of programming time, 15 minutes of technician's time and all other processes to finish the order. Call 346-NETS for further information.

Technician's Hourly Rate: price per technician/hour. Does not include supplies which are billable back to the department for work done.

Telecommunications Programming Rate: per programmer per hour