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Fraudulent or Unauthorized Long Distance Calls

Telephone Fraud

Collect calls or charged back calls should not be accepted unless you are willing to be responsible for these charges on your personal credit card. If you experience any misuse of these services, please report them to Telecommunications Services at 346-NETS.

Legitimate users will never ask you to transfer them to an outside operator. If someone claims to be a user and asks you to do this, either hang up or transfer the call to Telecommunications Services at 346-NETS. Never transfer any call to an outside operator (ie. 9 + 0).


Personal long distance calls may not be charged to the University of Oregon. Any long distance personal calls made from any University telephones must be charged to a personal credit card, or other non-University billing card.

Unauthorized Long Distance Calls

Telecommunications will assist in identifying unauthorized long distance calls. Each department/account will be charged for any long distance calls made from telephones within their system unless these calls can be identified and recharged to another number or person.

Collection Procedures

Each University department/account is responsible for reviewing its monthly telephone bill and identifying any charges incurred by individuals making personal or otherwise unauthorized long distance calls.

If the department is able to identify the caller, immediate payment for the cost of the call, plus any applicable taxes, plus collection overhead will be requested. The check should reference the departmental account which is to receive credit, should be made out to the University of Oregon and should be sent to Telecommunications, 1244 Walnut St., Eugene, OR 97403, for processing. If payment is not made within 30 days, departments should refer the matter to the Collections Department within Business Affairs Office.

Unidentified Callers

If departmental records indicate an unauthorized long distance call, and the caller can not be identified, NTS will assist in determining the caller's identity. For more information, please contact our office at (541)346-NETS