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Voice Conferencing at the UO

Audio Conference Calling

Conference calls with, at most, six parties (legs) can be handled through the university's PBX system, including "Meet Me" conference calls. The number of callers that can be accommodated depend on the type of desktop phone you have and how it's programmed, but usually:

- analog phones can handle up to three callers in a conference call.

- digital or IP sets can handle up to six callers in a conference call

For larger conferences:

For conferences requiring more than 6 parties, Telecom has an AT&T conference line available for rent. This line can host as many as 50 callers. For more information, availability and scheduling, contact Telecom at 346-NETS, or send an E-mail to Telecom.

Telecommunications can also provide Polycom Speaker phones for on-site Departmental conference calls. These phones provide better voice conferencing than a typical desktop speakerphone, especially when the room is large.

Rental is $5.00 per day: