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UO Telephone Dialing Instructions:
Authorization Codes

The area code: 541 ............... The prefix: 346

Authorization codes add flexibility and improve the effectiveness for billing purposes, as a "movable" personal identifier. Each code is assigned to a given user for a given billing account and can be used on nearly all the phone lines on campus. Authorization codes can be assigned restriction levels with the following as the most common:

Class of Service - Restrictions

  • 63 -- Local and Oregon only
  • 64 -- Entire US, American Virgin Islands (no International)
  • 65 -- All Long Distance Areas including International (default assignment)
  • 67 -- 900 number dialing is now available

Authorization codes are required on all long-distance calls (excluding lines set up for modem or fax without codes required). All codes should remain private. Do not give out or display your code; please remember that you are responsible for all calls charged to that code. If your code(s) are lost or stolen, please contact Telecommunications Services at 346-NETS immediately to have the codes removed from the phone system.