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UO Telephone Dialing Instructions:
Departmental Calling Credit Cards

The area code: 541 ............... The prefix: 346

For users who travel, Telecommunications Services can issue an AT&T Calling (credit) Card. Please make arrangements for your department telephone coordinator to submit a written request two weeks before you leave. The card will continue until canceled with the credit card vendor. If lost or stolen, please contact AT&T Card Customer Assistance at 1-800-882-2273 immediately to have it canceled, then contact Telecommunications Services at 346-NETS to let us know that the card has been canceled and make arrangements for a replacement.

There are several different ways to place long distance calls while you are away from the University and using the UO Telecommunications issued calling card. They include:

  • 1-800-828-7771 and follow the operator's mechanized voice will then request the number you wish to call and your calling card number. The State long distance contract rates available through this access method are approximately 60% of what they are through the other methods. The other methods will work, but will cost more.
  • Dialing 0 + area code + seven digit number + calling card number, or
  • Dialing 10ATT + 0 + area code + seven digit number + calling card number, or
  • 1-800-CALL-ATT and follow the voice instructions.

To call the US from more than 150 countries use AT&T Direct Service. You can place country to country calls from over 90 countries to virtually any other country in the world.

  1. Dial the AT&T Direct Access Number for the country you are in.
  2. The AT&T Operator or voice prompt will ask for the number you wish to reach:
    • For calls to the US, enter the Area Code+7 digit number.
    • For calls to another country, enter 01 + Country Code + City Code + local number.
  3. After the tone, enter your 14 digit Calling Card Number.

AT&T Direct Access Numbers can be found at these WEB sites:

AT&T Business Traveler will provide both access numbers and a folding wallet sized card with the most common Access numbers listed.

Kropla's International Dialing Codes

AT&T Sequence Dialing and MisDial Features

If you have several calls to make, or get a busy signal or no answer, don't hang up. Use the Next Call Feature.

  • Press # and follow the prompt after completing your call. If you make a mistake while dialing, don't hang up. Use the MisDial/Erase Feature.
  • If 14 digit Calling Card Number is misdialed, press the * and reenter the 14 digit Calling Card Number.
  • If the phone number is misdialed while using the Next Call Feature, press the * and reenter the phone number.

AT&T Laptop Access Software

If you are traveling with your laptop, stay connected with AT&T laptop access software. To download your free copy, just visit the AT&T WEB site at:

Security Tips:

  • Use the magnetic AT&T Card reader phones whenever possible or enter your Card number manually.
  • Never give your Card Number to anyone who calls and asks for it.
  • Never use your card for identification purposes.