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Ernestine - The UO Phonetic Operator System

The Phonetic Operator (aka Ernestine) is a system for looking up University of Oregon staff, faculty, and department phone numbers. This system works in conjunction with our staffed operator pool to assist callers in reaching the right person or department.

It's as easy as picking up the phone and asking for the person or department you're looking for; Ernestine will connect the call through.

Ernestine can perform the following searches:

Dial From When you say the name, Ernestine will:
0, or
Campus phoneLook up number and connect call
(541) 346-0000
Eugene local area phone
Long distance to UO
Look up number and connect call
(503) 412-3800Portland local area phoneLook up number and connect call
6-0001* Campus phoneLook up number and read it to you
6-0003* Campus phoneRead you person's email address

* five digit campus extensions beginning with 6, like 6-0001, may be dialed locally from Eugene as 346-0001 or long distance to Eugene as (541) 346-0001. More information about campus dialing may be found on the dial plan page.

We encourage you to give it a try!

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Technical Support

Help line: 541-346-NETS

Service portal:

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