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Using Avaya Telephone Features
Caller Identification Blocking

This is actually a QWEST line feature rather than a Switch feature, but it seemed appropriate to address it here.

Although it is not currently possible to have caller ID on University analog phones, beginning September 21, 1998, the University will begin passing caller ID information to the outside world and receiving this information from the outside world to display on Digital phones with displays. When dialing off campus, the person you're calling, if they subscribe to caller ID service, will see your area code, campus phone number, and "University of Oregon" on their caller ID display.

You may block sending your campus phone number information on a per call basis by pressing #71. Then dial the number as usual. The person you are calling will see "unavailable" or anonymous on their caller ID display. However, if the recipient of your call has screened their line to refuse any call from a number with the Caller ID blocked, your call will fail.

If you are interested in a digital set with the capability of displaying Caller ID, please refer to or call 6-NETS for further information.

On Single line phones: FLASH, RECALL, TAP, & R all indicate the same button. Any single line set without this button will have to use the Switchhook button instead.