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UO International and Credit Card Rates

International Call Rates for calls placed from campus

Please be aware that if no land line rate is listed for a country or a given country code, it's possible that the cell phone rate (or worse) might apply if one exists for the country code you are dialing. If you have any questions about rates to a particular country or country code, please clarify the rate with us before making the call. You can use the "Need help?" link below to submit your question.

New Rates- (June 16, 2015 to Current)


Note: the rate sheet that's downloadable in excel format lists cellular and landline rates, which can differ substantially. Make sure when using this document you're looking at the correct information for the type of call you are making.

All new rates quoted are effective from October 2014 with no surcharges and no time restrictions rounded up to nearest penny.