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Residence Hall & Family Housing REPAIR Information

All repair calls must be made to 346-7800. Please read the Trouble Shooting Section below to determine if you can correct the problem. If a technician goes to your location and determines that equipment that you own (i.e.. modem, answering machine, phone set, etc) has a defect and the line and jack works, YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR A SERVICE VISIT. If you have damaged the jack, or the phone is unplugged: YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR A SERVICE VISIT.

If after reading the Trouble Shooting Section, you can not determine the problem, please call 346-7800 and provide the following information:

Residence Hall

  1. Phone number which is in need of repair
  2. Your name
  3. Dorm name and Complex name
  4. Dorm room number
  5. Brief description of trouble

Family Housing

  1. Phone number which is in need of repair
  2. Your name
  3. Complex name
  4. Apartment number
  5. Brief description of trouble


  1. Is the set plugged into it's appropriate jack?
  2. Examine the mounting cord (the one from the set to the jack), has it been damaged? Look at the clips at both ends, are either one of those items damaged? Someone may have accidentally pulled the mounting cord loose or vacuumed it to death.
  3. Are all at the cords plugged firmly into each modular unit or is anything loose or wobbly (i.e.. defect in at the set)?
  4. Has there been an accident? Drinks, water and other agents (including cleaning agents) can and will affect phone sets. Dropping the set on the floor also makes a real impact on how it works.
  5. Have you taken this set to another location to see if it works on another line?
  6. Have you tried using a different phone set (which you know works) and plug it into the jack to see if the problem involves the line or proves the existing set is defective?

Is there DIAL TONE, a SIREN TONE or no sound at all?

  1. If you get Dial Tone, can you call out?
  2. Does one of the number buttons sound sour or "off tone"?
  3. When someone calls at the extension do they get an answer, a busy signal or does their call go to voice mail?