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Web Phone Manager: Using the Inbox

Web Phone Manager (aka "WPM") is a web interface to voicemail settings, accessible from UO networks, availailable at

The Inbox portion of Web Phone Manager is an optional, licensed feature that can be enabled for a mailbox. You can contact us by phone or via the UO Service portal ( and ask that we activate this feature for your mailbox. Please let us know your name, department, and campus phone extension.

Using the Inbox:

Begin by logging into the web interface (only available from a UO network):

  1. Open
  2. Enter your extension and security code
  3. Once logged in, you'll notice you have more tabs, an Inbox, Saved, and Trash tab:
  4. Inbox tab

    The presence of these tabs confirms the "Inbox" license has been applied to your account. If all you see is the Dashboard tab, the license has not been applied to your account.

  5. The very first thing to do is click on the Web PhoneManager Settings link on the left side of the page:
  6. Left panel: Web PhoneManager Settings selected
  7. You will want to select a message playback option. The three choices are show here and described below:
  8. Message playback options
    1. Telephone
      This option calls you on a telephone and plays the message to you. You specify which number it calls you in the Telephone Number box. It can be a UO extension or a number local to the Eugene calling area. By default it's set to your extension. If you specify a non-UO telephone number, note that you do NOT put a "9" before the number to dial out, just the 7-digit telephone number.

      If you select Telephone as a playback method, double-check that the number at which you wish to be called is properly entered into the Telephone Number box higher up in the page. Here's an example showing a UO extension:

      Telephone Number box

      Be aware that when you click on a voicemail message, and the voicemail system calls you at the number you specify, it will just play the message once the phone is answered. No password required. So if you use this method, you need to be very aware of what phone number the voicemail system will call you on, especially if you tend to get sensitive voicemail messages you don't want others hearing.
    2. Streaming
      This option works for Windows users. It plays the message over your computer's speakers. This is the cleanest method of playing back messages over your computer's speakers.
    3. Download
      This option works for Windows and Macintosh users. It downloads a copy of the voicemail as a .wav audio format file, then that typically plays over your computer's speakers using whatever software is set to play media, typically iTunes or Windows Media Player.

    If you make any changes to these settings, or to the Telephone Number, be sure and click the OK button OK Buttonto save your changes.

    Under some conditions, if you find your preferences are not being saved, you may have to click OK and completely logout of the web interface and log back in. Generally, however, making your changes and clicking OK suffices.

    Please note that your message playback preference is NOT stored as a setting in your voicemail account as it should be, but rather as piece of information called a "cookie" by your web browser.

    What this means to you: when you go to another computer, or use a different web browser to access, or you "clear private data" within your web browser, your preferences outlined above will have to be re-entered. We have a request in to the vendor to fix this errant behavior. In the meantime, get used to checking and setting your playback preferences if you tend to switch computers a lot, or have your browser set to delete cookies, or if you clear private data frequently.

  9. Now that you've set your playback preferences, click on the Home link:
  10. Home Tabthen on the Inbox tab Inbox Tab

  11. The Inbox has a set of playback controls and shows any messages in your voicemail Inbox. In the example below, there are two messages in the Inbox:

Voicemail Inbox Example

  1. To listen to a message:
    • Click once on the message you wish to listen to, it will be highlighted in blue.
    • In the picture above, the message from Joe Mailander is highligted.
    • Click on the Play control, that's the blue dot with the triangle Play Button
    If you have:

    Web Phone Manager set to play via:
    Then this will happen:
    The voicemail system will call the number you specified and play the message to you
    A window will pop up and the message will play over your computer's speakers. It might look like this:

    Message Playback Screen
    It varies, but typically your browser will ask to play the voicemail in another program:

    Message download box

    Assuming you agree and click OK, that program will start and play the voicemail.
  2. You can listen to the rest of your Inbox messages in the same fashion by clicking once on each, then pressing play.



If you have any questions on this, need assistance, or for more information, use the contact information below to reach Telecom Services directly.