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Using Avaya Digital Telephone Features
Auto Dial Buttons for a Digital Set

Digital telephone sets have programmable buttons:

AD -- Auto Dial buttons are programmed by the individual user to dial phone numbers which can be local, long distance or within the system (extension numbers, pager access, etc.).

BAD -- Busy Auto Dial buttons are programmed by the Telecommunications Staff to dial access to a extension's end call coverage path. The common use is to send a call to an extension's voice mail box to leave a message. The digital lamp associated with a BAD button will illuminate when the extension is in use (busy).

PAD -- Priority Auto Dial buttons are programmed by the Telecommunications Staff to override Send All Calls and ring the extension if that extension is not on a call. If the extension is in use, the extension user will hear a beep tone which indicates a Priority call is being attempted.

To Call a Preprogrammed Number on a button

  1. Listen for Dial tone
  2. Depress the appropriate button
  3. Wait for answer

To transfer a call using an Preprogrammed button

Follow the instructions for Conference/Transfer feature and substitute the AD/PAD button where the feature indicates "Dial third party".

To Program an AD button

  1. Listen for Dial Tone
  2. Dial #80, Listen for Dial Tone
  3. Depress the Autodial/AD button (to be programmed)
  4. Listen for Dial Tone
  5. Dial number including any access code (i.e. "9") **
  6. Depress the Autodial/AD button and listen for the Recall dial tone
  7. Hang up

**Note: The maximum digit capacity for an AD button is 16 digits.