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Web Phone Manager: Email Notification Tips

This page describes how to configure your voicemail account to send you an email notification when new voicemail is left for you.

Setting this up requires you log in to the voicemail web interface (called "Web Phone Manager") and configure the notification. Web phone manager (aka "WPM") is a web interface to voicemail settings, accessible only from UO networks, availailable here:

Please keep in mind that under some conditions, sending email notification to wireless providers or other non-UO service providers can incur fees (like text messaging fees). Under no circumstances will the University of Oregon Telecommunications Services Department be responsible for fees incurred from using voicemail notification features such as the one described here. If you have any questions, either check with your service provider if any fees apply or stay within resources provided to you by the UO (such as your email account).

To set up email notification, begin by logging into the web interface (only available from UO networks or a VPN connection to a UO network):

  1. Open
  2. To log in, enter your 5-digit UO extension and voicemail numeric security code (or "voicemail password")
  3. Once logged in, click on the Notification Settings link on the left
  4. Click on the email tab Email Tab- note NOT the Phone tab, make sure it's the Email tab!
  5. Follow the instructions below for configuring email notification.

When you set up email notification, it's very likely you'll want the following. Note these are sometimes not the defaults you're offered when setting up this feature.

  1. Check Enable Email Notification checkbox
  2. Email server set to UO_SMTP
  3. Notify status: set to All
  4. Message types: check Include Voice Msgs
  5. Hours: start at 00:00 end at 23:59 (for email notification, you probably want 24x7)
  6. Days: Sun through Sat (again, for email notification, you probably want 24x7)
  7. After you make any changes, click OK. Nothing you've changed is actually saved until you click the OK button.

Here's a picture of what you probably want this to look like:

Email Notification example


Test that email notification is working:

  1. Set up basic notification, as shown above. In the Email Address box put a valid email address, usually this would be your UO email address. Here's an example what it might look like for someone with an email address of

    Email Address Box

    Again, if you make any changes on the web form, be sure and click the OK Buttonbutton or your changes won't be saved.
  2. Dial the voicemail system "express messaging" number, it's the quickest and easiest way to leave yourself a message. From on campus, dial "1-1111", from off-campus the number is (541) 681-1111.
    • When prompted, enter your extension number, leave yourself a test message, then hang up.
    • Check your email in a few moments to see that the notification arrived. Sometimes delivery can take a few minutes. If your email address is off-site (not to an address) it can take even longer, but typically no longer than 15-20 minutes.
    • If you don't see the message arrive in your email Inbox, make sure you entered your email address correctly (no spaces or typo's), and the settings on the email notification settings page match the picture above. If you're still having troubles:
      1. Try sending to your account and see if that works.
      2. Try sending a normal email message to the email account you're trying to use. Did that message get through? If not, did you get a bounce message? Sometimes the bounce message indicates why email isn't being delivered (no such account, account full, etc.)
      3. It's possible but unlikely the voicemail notification is getting blocked or filtered by spam filters. Again, trying your email account is a good way to test basic delivery.

Here are some more things you can do:

(click on the link to see detailed instructions).

  1. Have your new voicemail sent to you as an email attachment (in .wav format).
  2. Have email notification sent to your text-message compliant cell phone

  1. Have your new voicemail sent to you as an email attachment (in .wav format).
    • Make sure notification is working. Set up basic notification above, make sure you test that it's working per the instructions above.
    • Once notification is set up and working, send an email request, asking for the voicemail attachment, to Telecom. Include your name and mailbox extension. Telecom cannot process the request without that information.

      Also, we do not set up basic email notification. You need to do that part and verify it's working per the instructions above before we can have the voicemail .wav attachment sent.
  2. Have email notification sent to your text-message compliant cell phone.

    First, some things to be aware of:
    • If you're doing this you almost certainly don't want to be sending the voicemail message as a .wav format email attachment as described above.
    • Text messaging can incur a fee from your wireless provider. UO Telecom will not be responsible for fees incurred for text messaging. If you have any questions about your wireless contract and fees associated with text messaging, you should contact your wireless provider before trying to set this up.
    • To set this up, you need to know to what email address you can send a short message and have it show up on your cell phone. Here are some examples for a cell phone at (541)123-4567:

      Wireless provider typical email domain example

      If you know of more common carriers in this region and can provide the typical information listed in the table above, use the contact information at the bottom of this page and we'll add to this list.

    To set up email notification to your text-capable cell phone, you just put the "text" format email address in as the email notification address. Using the example cell phone number (541)123-4567, and if Verizon Wireless was the provider, we'd input:

    Email Address example

    If you wanted to limit when you'd receive these text message notifications, you could use the Hours and Days form elements to limit when these notifcations would work.


If you have any questions on this, need assistance, or for more information, use the contact information below to reach Telecom Services directly.