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Phone System Quick Reference

Function Description
AD/SD Abbreviated Dial or Speed Dial
AUTOCALLBACK Press when you hear a busy Signal for a campus extension. Hang up and wait for call back
CALL PICKUP Automatically pick up a call from an extension in your “pick up group”
CONFERENCE Allows you to place up to a 6 Party conference call
HOLD Puts party on hold
LAST # DIALED or REDIAL Automatic redial of last number dialed
MESSAGE WAITING INDICATOR Indicates voice mail message waiting for a specific line
SEND EXT When activated, sends calls to the next point of coverage (frequently voicemail)
TBI (Busy) Shows when a specific extension is in use. (It is also a speed dial button).
Trans To (See transferring to Voice Mail)
Transferring calls to a UO extension voicemail:
  1. Press TRANSFER button
  2. Dial Voicemail quick access number (1-1111)
    [five one's]
  3. When prompted, enter extension number of recipient
  4. press TRANSFER to complete the process
Transferring inbound calls to you directly to voicemail Typically, press "Send All Calls" button.
General Transfer
  1. Press TRANSFER or CONFERENCE button
  2. Dial number the phone call is being transferred to.
  3. Then either announce the call and press transfer/conference to complete the process, or simply press transfer/conference again to complete the process

For information on specific phone sets, see the 1608, 2420, and 9630 information pages.

Programming AD/SD Buttons For information on specific phone set, see the 1608, 2420, and 9630 information pages. Each phone generally uses a different method for speed dialing or saving contact information.