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Phone Basics of the Avaya 9630

Avaya 9600

  • For a printable version:
  • Expanded help information:
  • Press “Phone” Phone Button round button to get back to main phone screen at any time.
  • “Message” button will take you to voicemail.  Login by entering your extension then your voicemail security code.  See the voicemail quick reference for usage.
  • The white rectangular buttons under the screen are the “soft key” buttons; functions on these buttons change depending on what you’re doing (they’re “context sensitive”).
  • By default, each phone has three “line appearances” of the programmed number.  That lets you take multiple calls, transfer calls, etc.  We normally program these line appearances on the first three buttons.
  • The 9630 phones have the same information on the LCD display, I’ll show you how to navigate the display.



Cancel/Unset (If Applicable)

Notes/Associated Buttons

Main Menu

Press the Phone/Exit Button to get to the main screen.

Phone Button (Phone Button)

OK Button (OK Button)

Forward calls:

To set forwarding:
  1. Listen for dial tone.
  2. *2.
  3. Enter extension to forward to.
  4. Listen for confirmation tone (3 beeps), hang up.
To cancel forwarding:
  1. Listen for dial tone
  2. #22, listen for confirmation tone


Transfer calls

  1. While in a call press the Transfer softkey.
  2. Dial the number which you would like to transfer to.
  3. Press the Complete softkey to complete the transfer.



Call park/pickup


  • While in a call, press the Hold softkey.


  • #77 and then the extension used when parking call


Conference calls

  1. While in a call, press the Conference softkey.
  2. Dial the phone number you wish to add to your conference.
  3. Press the OK button or Join softkey to finalize the conference.


You can accommodate 6 calls using one of these black IP phones. 

If you need more than 6 callers, arrange a bridge call (up to 50 callers using bridge, see note 1 below)

Send all calls
(usually to vm)

The simplest way of setting/unsetting the Send All Calls function is to pick up the receiver and dial *8 to set, or #88 to unset.

  • In the main menu, you can press SendAllCalls softkeyson the left of the screen or at the bottom of the screen to toggle SendAllCalls on or off.

To unset, select the same programmed button and note the indicator changes.

#88 to unset.



Dial plan at the university:
(541) 3466-0000 to 6-9999
(541) 681-0000 to 1-2499
(503) 412-3650 to 2-3809 (Portland)
(503) 345-0440 to 5-0459 (Portland)
(503) 412-0460 to 4-0479 (Portland)

Getting help:
Call Telecommunications: 6-NETS (on campus)
          (541) 346-NETS (from off campus) (service portal)